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Wait, did Adele get married and casually forget to tell us?

It would appear that Adele has some major explaining to do, because I, like many of her dearest fans, are currently wondering whether or not she is a married woman. That’s right. I said it: Adele may be a married woman and she sort of forget to tell any of us. I mean, she has every right to keep the news to herself, but why? There are a few key reasons to believe that she got hitched to her partner, Simon Konecki. Gosh, I really hope this news is the real deal.

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Adele was recently spotted running some errands looking very casual and not at all shouting from the rooftops that she is a married woman. The thing is, while exiting one shop, photographers were able to catch a glimpse of her ring finger on her left hand — also known at the most important finger for married people — and there was a simple gold band. Just sitting there on Adele’s finger as if it was no big deal. But I kid you not; this is a very big deal.

Why are you holding out on us, Adele? Is that just a simple piece of jewelry you threw on to complete an outfit, forgetting to look where you were putting it? Or can we now call you Mrs. Simon Konecki? We just want to know whether we can send you congratulatory tweets or not. Please put us out of our misery, Adele. The excitement and curiosity is too much to bear.

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It would make a bit of sense if she had indeed gotten married considering there were reports of a December wedding in the works back in early November 2016. To her immense credit, Adele has kept her private life strictly under lock and key; it would be right in line with her previous levels of secrecy not to announce if she and Konecki had gone through with a Christmas wedding. However, if this news pans out, the sheer excitement I feel for Adele at finding success and happiness is just too much for words.

That said, come on, Adele. Just give me a little hint about your marital status. I promise I won’t tell.

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