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All the Netflix original series available to stream and coming in 2017

65. Hibana: Spark

A dramatic series about friendship and conflict between two comedians who search for meaning in life and comedy. Based on the prize-winning book.

66. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Patrons of an otherwise mundane Japanese diner find simple yet profound connections with one another based on the shared love of a particular dish.

67. 3%

A world divided into progress and devastation… the link between the two sides — Offshore and Inland — is a rigorous and painstaking system called The Process. Everyone in Inland has a chance to go through The Process to live a better life in Offshore. But only 3 percent make it through.

68. Russell Peters vs. the World

This companion series to Peters’ latest stand-up special, Notorious, follows Peters and his team on the world tour.

69. Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table goes inside the lives and kitchens of six of the world’s most renowned international chefs.

70. Making a Murderer

He served 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s on the line again, and some want to see him put away for good.

71. Chelsea Does

Chelsea Handler is going there. In this new four-part documentary series, Handler is asking the questions that we all have, but are too afraid to ask.

72. Cooked

Explored through the lenses of the four natural elements — fire, water, air and earth — Cooked is an enlightening and compelling look at the evolution of what food means to us through the history of food preparation and its universal ability to connect us.

73. Last Chance U

Last Chance U is a gut-wrenching behind-the-scenes look at the world of college football.

74. Fearless

On a journey from Brazil to the Las Vegas championships, professional bull riders risk it all to earn money, respect and titles.

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