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All the Netflix original series available to stream and coming in 2017

55. World of Winx

This time the Winx are deep undercover on Earth for the most top-secret mission: to investigate the mysterious Talent Thief. And determined to save talented boys and girls in danger, along with an energetic host named Ace, they star in the talent reality show WOW!

56. Luna Petunia

With help from her magic toy chest, fun-loving Luna Petunia enters the fantastic land of Amazia, where adventures, friendship and learning await.

Luna Petunia
Image: Netflix

57. Trollhunters

Trollhunters is an epic saga from master storyteller Guillermo del Toro featuring a group of friends who discover a fantastical new world wrapped beneath their hometown and who will face a battle between good and bad trolls.

58. Tarzan and Jane

Saved from a plane crash and given supernatural powers, teen Tarzan joins forces with brave city girl Jane to protect his jungle home from threats. Season 1 is coming Jan. 6.

Tarzan and Jane
Image: Netflix

59. We’re Lalaloopsy

The Lalaloopsy gang and their adorable pets know every day is a perfect day to celebrate the magic of friendship, creativity and collaboration. Season 1 is coming Jan. 10.

We're Lalaloopsy
Image: Netflix

60. Richie Rich

Richie Rich is just a normal kid, except that he has a trillion dollars! Following his overnight success, Richie moves his father, Cliff, and his sister, Harper, into his newly built mansion. He also shares his success with his two best friends, Darcy and Murray. Richie now lives the coolest life of anyone his age where his opportunities for fun and adventure are limitless.

61. Project Mc2

Teenage spy McKeyla teams up with supersmart girls, Adrienne, Bryden, and Camryn, who use their science skills to help save a prince’s space launch.

62. Club de Cuervos

When the patriarch of a prominent family dies, his heirs battle to determine who will gain control of his beloved soccer team: The Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo. Egos, tempers and soccer balls fly as the director, producers and star of Nosotros los Nobles reunite to bring this even crazier family to life.

63. Narcos

Narcos follows the DEA agents hunting the Medellín cartel — the most violent, ruthless and wealthy criminal organization in the history of modern crime — and the cartel’s kingpin, Pablo Escobar.

64. Marseille

Robert Taro has been the mayor of Marseille for 25 years. Now he faces a merciless election against his young, ambitious former protégé.

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