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All the Netflix original series available to stream and coming in 2017

45. LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One

Six legendary heroes find themselves on an epic quest as they harness the power of nature’s elements to defeat the forces of evil.

Lego Bionicle
Image: Netflix

46. LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship

Five best friends face adventures side by side in their hometown. Zany antics, love and missteps are better with friends!

47. Kong: King of the Apes

In 2050, an evil scientist is about to unleash an army of robotic dinosaurs. Now it’s up to Kong and friends to fight back and save the day.

48. Voltron: Legendary Defender

The ’80s classic returns to defend the universe against evil with the help of five intrepid kids.

49. Justin Time GO!

A young boy’s imagination takes him throughout the world and history, where he learns life lessons and has tons of fun with two make-believe friends.

50. Word Party

Cuddly, cute and curious, these four baby animals love to play, dance and learn new words together.

51. Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh

Growing up has its challenges, but growing up alongside a Boov is a completely different story! Picking up where the hit movie DreamWorks’ Home left off, join Tip Tucci and her best Boov friend Oh as they embark on the everyday adventure of becoming family.

52. Ask the StoryBots

Ask the StoryBots follows the adventures of five curious little creatures who track down the answers to kids’ biggest questions, like how night happens or why we need to brush our teeth.

53. Kulipari: An Army of Frogs

In a tale of bravery and heroism, fearless frogs go to war against the sinister scorpions and spiders that have teamed up to conquer the amphibians.

54. Skylanders Academy

At Skylanders Academy, the greatest young warriors, Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor from realms all across Skylands, are trained to protect the universe from evildoers

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