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Conor Kennedy arrested after allegedly defending gay friend

Conor Kennedy, Taylor Swift’s ex, was reportedly arrested early Thursday morning after a bar fight in Aspen, Colorado.

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Kennedy, who is the oldest son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and the grandson of Robert Kennedy, reportedly started the fight outside Bootsy Bellows nightclub around 1:30 a.m. after a man called Kennedy’s friend a homophobic slur.

Kennedy “rebuked” two men, who allegedly used a “homophobic slur and threats to [Kennedy’s] close friend,” a statement from Kennedy’s attorneys said according to CBS News.

The Aspen Times reports Officer Andy Atkinson witnessed the fight and recounted Kennedy grabbing a man by the shirt, pulling him to the ground and hitting him four or five times in the back of the head with his fists outside of the club.

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Kennedy also apparently struggled against the arresting officer, who was trying to restrain him, until they both fell into the snowbank.

Aspen police Sgt. Rick Magnuson told CBS Denver Kennedy “was arrested with the help of a bystander.”

Meanwhile, Kennedy’s attorney is reporting he was “cooperative, compliant and respectful,” while his father Robert Kennedy Jr. says “Conor has always reacted against bullying… I’m happy he stood up for his friend.”

Kennedy was arrested for disorderly conduct, cited and released without bond. He is due to appear in court on Feb. 22, 2017.

This isn’t the first time Kennedy has been arrested. He was previously arrested in 2013 during a protest outside the White House. That situation wasn’t quite as sticky, however. Kennedy paid a fine and was released.

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No word yet whether the other man involved in the bar fight with Kennedy was seriously injured or not.

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