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Blac Chyna reunites with the Kardashians after Rob’s hospitalization

Rob Kardashian’s health apparently hasn’t improved as much in the last year as he hoped.

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Apparently, Kardashian was rushed to the hospital Wednesday night in what People magazine calls a medical emergency. After Kardashian arrived at the West Hills hospital, his mom, Kris Jenner, and her boyfriend Corey Gamble were spotted by paparazzi entering the facility. Despite all their recent drama, Kardashian’s fiancée, Blac Chyna, also went to meet him at the hospital, but she arrived separate from his family members.

This incident comes almost exactly a year after Kardashian was hospitalized for complications relating to his type-2 diabetes, which he has said since then is “cured.” When he got sick last December, Kardashian told reporters he was refusing to take his insulin and was “nonstop throwing up” and “felt like [he] was going to die.”

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Afterward, though, Kardashian said the hospitalization had been a wakeup call that pushed him to make better decisions about his health. Chyna was on board, saying she’d help him out with healthier meals.

“When I got out of the hospital, I knew I needed to make changes,” Kardashian said at the time. “Chyna and I had a really big talk and she told me that by having her cook for me, my diabetes would be gone.”

Kardashian has since claimed that his diabetes is gone. It hasn’t been said yet whether his current hospitalization has anything to do with his diabetes.

Meanwhile, Kardashian and Chyna have been dealing with a lot, which could also have had an impact on his health. She reportedly left him, taking everything in their house and their baby. He documented coming home to an empty house on social media. Since then, they’ve reportedly gotten back together.

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