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Don’t believe the Sister Wives divorce rumors — they’re all lies, they say

If you believe everything you’ve read about the Sister Wives‘ Brown family lately, you’d think they’re all splitting up, Kody is violent to everyone around him, they have no money, their show is ending and the list goes on.

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Now, a few of the show’s stars are fighting back against one very prominent recent rumor: that wifey No. 4 has served Kody with divorce papers.

We all remember the scandal that surrounded Kody divorcing his first wife, Meri, so that he could legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn, and adopt her kids. That makes Robyn his only legal spouse, and the only one who could serve him official papers if she wanted out. The tabloids have been saying that’s exactly what’s going down in the Brown household.

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But the rumors have been saying for months that Meri wanted out of the family after that crazy catfishing/cheating scandal she caused, and she hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, she was one of the first to speak out about the rumors surrounding Robyn’s relationship with Kody, albeit vaguely.

“I die laughing when I hear people think they know all about our family. Here’s something, if it didn’t come from us, it’s probably a lie!” she wrote.

Soon after Meri’s somewhat cryptic tweet, Kody responded to a concerned fan, saying that he and Robyn are definitely A-OK — in fact, they just went on a date.

Still, sources say Robyn is done with the Brown family and planning her exit, and as she’s been featured less and less on Sister Wives, more fuel has hit the rumor mill.

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Do you think Robyn will leave Sister Wives?

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