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Leah Remini has a message for the Church of Scientology: Sue me

Leah Remini is not taking any crap from the Church of Scientology.

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Remini is pretty much the church’s enemy No. 1, and in a new interview with Larry King, she’s telling them to come at her, bro.

Her latest weapon against the church has been her A&E docuseries, Scientology and the Aftermath. Remini has been touring the country to promote the show, and that’s how she landed in King’s interview chair. He read her a statement from the Church of Scientology about her show in which they called it, “a scripted, rehearsed, acted and dramatized work of fiction… featuring liars who have for a profit been telling different versions of the same false tales of abuse for years, many reviewed and discredited in courts of law.”

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Remini’s response?

“They should sue us. It’s as simple as that.”

She continued, “They say this about every person who has spoken out, and not one lawsuit has been brought to anybody. This is not a group that is scared of lawsuits. They’re a litigious group, and so if that were true, they would simply sue us, and I welcome them to do that.”

Mic. Dropped.

Remini, who was born into Scientology, left the church in 2013. Since then, she’s been speaking out against it, claiming it’s a front for widespread abuse, and that it takes its members’ money and isolates them from their families.

“What I’m not going to stand for is an organization with this kind of money to continue to do things like that, and to bully people and to harass people, to defraud people out of their lives, their money — but more importantly their families,” she told King.

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Leah Remini Reddit AMA slideshow
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