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Kim & Kanye have enough to worry about without the constant divorce rumors

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have been through a lot in the last few months.

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There was Kardashian’s robbery in Paris — she was bound, gagged, locked in a bathroom and robbed at gunpoint. She was afraid for her life. She was afraid she’d be raped. I can’t even imagine the terror she felt. Can you?

Kanye West has been suffering from a pretty serious bout of mental illness. Reports say he’s suffering from depression and that the stress from dealing with his wife’s robbery and his career led him to have a psychotic break. He was hospitalized for more than a week. Not exactly the greatest holiday season.

And through it all, they’ve been hit by constant rumors that they’re getting a divorce, something that cannot be easy considering everything they’re already dealing with. They haven’t confirmed anything, so can we give them a break already?

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The latest reports are saying that Kardashian showed up solo to her family’s annual Christmas bash, something she and West have always attended as a couple. That’s not even true — West had an event to attend earlier in the night and hit up the Christmas party later.

In Snapchats posted from the party, Kardashian wasn’t wearing her wedding ring, but that’s not even anything new for her. She’s ditched the ring before if she felt it didn’t fit her outfit, and since her robbery, she’s been especially careful not to flaunt her wealth, which would mean saying no to the 21-karat rock that West gave her to replace the diamond ring she had stolen in Paris.

Maybe the rumors are true. That much stress is enough to put any marriage through the ringer, and it’s entirely possible that theirs is on the rocks right now. But the only people saying that are anonymous sources who claim to know the inside scoop — no one from the actual family.

Kardashian and West even took their daughter to see The Nutcracker ballet the night before the Kardashian Christmas party. Does that sound like something a divorced couple does? It sure doesn’t.

For now, while everything is still speculation, maybe we should all give Kardashian and West a damn break. With everything they’ve been through lately, they deserve it.

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