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Now Johnny Depp is demanding money from Amber Heard for some reason

Johnny Depp is determined to make his divorce as difficult as possible.

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We thought it was over. He and Amber Heard settled. He still hasn’t paid her the $6.8 million he owes her, but they’re working on that.

Nope. According to People magazine, Depp has filed documents in court asking a judge to order Heard to pay $100,000 of the million or so he accrued in legal fees throughout their divorce.

There’s speculation that Depp’s filing is retaliation, because earlier this month, Heard filed a motion asking a judge to force him to pay up what he owes her from their divorce settlement, as well as figure out the division of their assets, something else he’s reportedly dragging his feet on doing. Depp reportedly called Heard’s motion “entirely unnecessary,” and claims Heard’s behavior throughout their entire divorce process has been “erratic and uncooperative.”

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Heard has also spoken out several times since their split about domestic violence, first by appearing in a PSA and later by publishing an open letter to victims of abuse. Neither instance mentioned Depp by name, but he still thinks Heard’s actions were in violation of a confidentiality clause in their divorce agreement according to his new court filings.

“The impact of her relentless pursuit on Johnny — the damage her false allegations have caused his personal and professional reputation, his and his family’s emotional well-being, and his finances appears to be of no interest to Amber,” the filing reads.

Heard’s attorney responded to Depp’s motion in a statement, writing, “After his string of recent setbacks at the box office, I’m glad that Johnny Depp seems to have rediscovered his comic touch with this laughable motion. It is just another lame attempt by Mr. Depp and his team to not pay my client the money she is owed. We look forward to prevailing in court — and to getting sick children and women in need the money that Mr. Depp is denying them.”

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