Get ready to see Lisa Vanderpump finally put James Kennedy in his place

SUR Nation, the moment we’ve been waiting for is about to arrive.

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We all rejoiced together a few Vanderpump Rules episodes back when Queen Lisa Vanderpump finally gave James Kennedy the boot from his jobs at SUR and Pump. Now, a teaser for Monday’s episode shows us that getting fired wasn’t enough to deflate his giant, stupid ego, so Vanderpump is gonna just take care of that for us.

The video shows Vanderpump and Kennedy sitting and catching up a little (and, let’s be honest, he’s probably begging for his job back), and Vanderpump isn’t pulling any punches with Kennedy’s big, dumb, fat head.

“You were an arrogant little punk — and look at me,” she says. “Do I look like somebody that employs an arrogant little punk?”

Kennedy tries to pull his longtime nemesis Jax Taylor into the fight, responding, “No, but you have done in the past with Jax.”

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Vanderpump shuts him down again.

“I’m not saying Jax displays exemplary behavior, but in his workplace, he’s never been disrespectful,” she says.

Then, Kennedy makes maybe his biggest mistake to date: He tells Vanderpump she’s lying.

“So you’re calling me a liar?” she says. “So you come in here and you use the F-bomb, and you call me a liar, and you expect me to give you the time of day.”

She continues on, even telling Kennedy he should give up on being a DJ and find a new career.

“You have been disrespectful to me. You can’t stop yourself. My life is actually better without you in it. I’m being honest — it’s less problematic.”

In a camera confessional, Vanderpump continues to rip on Kennedy, and it’s wonderful.

“There’s a great moral to this story, and it’s the oldest thing in the world: You don’t know what you had until it’s gone,” she says. “Ain’t that the truth? James is gone.”

Now if only he were gone from the show and not just his job.

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