Jay Z & Beyoncé are dealing with a disgruntled ex-employee this holiday

The holidays are coming with just a little extra stress for Beyoncé and Jay Z.

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Even though Jay Z is the owner of the Roc-A-Fella record label, his wife apparently isn’t allowed to use its logo. At least, that’s what the graphic designer who created it, Dwayne Walker, thinks. He just filed a lawsuit against Bey because in her 2013 video for “Drunk In Love,” the logo can be seen for, like, one second on a chain around Jay Z’s neck. The weird thing is that even though it’s Jay who’s wearing the logo in the video, he’s not named in Walker’s lawsuit. According to court papers, even though the logo is only briefly visible, Walker considers that “prominently displayed,” and he wants Bey to either take down the video or pay him for use of the logo.

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Walker’s chances at winning this thing don’t look great, though, since he already sued Jay Z for basically the same thing and that case got tossed out. Walker was seeking $7 million from Jay Z for copyright infringement, but a judge dismissed the case in September after unearthing a 20-year-old contract that Walker signed saying he wasn’t entitled to royalties.

Regardless of how this goes for Bey and Jay, they have a big year ahead of them. Beyoncé is already rumored to be one of the 2017 headliners at Coachella alongside Kendrick Lamar. If the rumors are true, it’ll be her first time performing at the festival. Considering that big news, something tells us she’s not letting this lawsuit get her down.

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