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Jim Carrey argues STDs had nothing to do with Cathriona White’s death

After more than a year, Jim Carrey’s legal battles are still ongoing.

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Carey was sued by the mother of his late girlfriend in December of last year, but now, he’s asking a judge to drop at least part of the suit: the part that claims he gave Cathriona White multiple sexually transmitted diseases while they were dating, which the plaintiff claims makes him responsible for her death.

According to court documents, Carrey says the STD debacle is irrelevant to the rest of the case, which he calls a “shakedown for a multi-million dollar payday,” Page Six reports.

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White died last year at age 30 when she took a fatal mixture of pills, some of which, her mother alleges, were provided to her by Carrey. Carrey and White had been dating off and on for about three years at the time. Carrey claims that White was completely estranged from her mother at the time of her death and that she considered Carrey her only family.

“White left Carrey two suicide notes speaking lovingly to him, requesting his forgiveness for ending her own life, describing him, and him alone, as her ‘family,'” court papers say.

However, White’s mother is saying Carrey is responsible for her daughter’s death, and she claims that the alleged STDs are part of the reason. While Carrey admits that he did give sexually transmitted diseases to White, he says it happened two years before her death, making the matter irrelevant to the lawsuit surrounding her suicide.

Meanwhile, Carrey has insisted all along that White’s family has been using her death to try to make a profit.

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