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Queen Elizabeth’s sudden change in Christmas plans has everyone worried

Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, are definitely no spring chickens.

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And now, their advancing age is making headlines as reporters in the U.K. speculate whether their health is beginning to fail.

Elizabeth is 90 years old and Philip is 95, but despite that, they still keep up with a fairly rigorous schedule of public appearances. Just yesterday, they hosted their annual Christmas lunch party at Buckingham Palace, where close friends and family members gathered to celebrate the holiday, and nothing really seemed out of the ordinary.

Today, though, the queen and her husband were set to leave London by train to travel 100 miles north to Sandringham, where they usually spend Christmas Day. When Elizabeth and Philip failed to show up for the train, it got reporters wondering.

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Palace employees have been telling reporters off the record that there are no “grave concerns” about the queen or Philip despite the palace’s official statement revealing that they missed the train because they are both ill.

“The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh have heavy colds, and so have decided not to travel to Sandringham today,” was all the statement said, and so far, no other official details have been offered.

It doesn’t help that reporters waiting at the train station to snap photos of the departing royals were told the event was canceled only 30 minutes before the train was set to depart, making the sudden change in plans look like it was caused by something more serious than a cold.

The aging royals have battled health problems in the past, most seriously over Christmas in 2011, when Prince Philip was rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack.

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Queen Elizabeth II Prince Philip slideshow
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