5 things we never knew about Kylie Minogue's views on motherhood & marriage

Dec 22, 2016 at 11:25 a.m. ET
Image: WENN.com

Kylie Minogue has opened up about her breast cancer experience (she was diagnosed in 2005 at age 37) — specifically, how it affected her ability to have kids.

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Here's what we learnt about Minogue's views on motherhood and marriage from her recent interview with The Sunday Times Magazine.

1. She has had to consider other paths to motherhood

Speaking of her desire to have children, Minogue revealed that she may never be able to have kids and that she took motherhood for granted.

"When cancer strikes, you have to consider all of that," the singer confessed. "Trust me, there's a point when the next person who says, 'Well, there are many options,' you want to scream. Of course, it's great there are options. It's marvellous there are options!"

She continued, "But when you're dealing with all the other stuff and things that you took for granted are taken away from you, it's like, yes, there are options."

2. She has thought about what her children would look like

Minogue, who's now 48, doesn't have any children, but there have been many times when she's thought about her future offspring and what they would be like.

"I guess you have those visions of, God, what would my child look like, be it a boy or a girl? What would I see of myself in them? That's saddening, but I've had to face that for a long time," she said.

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3. She loves being an aunt

While Minogue has no children of her own, she is surrounded by them, and is a proud aunt to her sister Dannii Minogue's son Ethan, as well as her brother Brendan's two children, Charlie and James.

She revealed during the interview that she has three nephews who she is "crazy about" and that she is "good at being an auntie."

4. She's finally found the one

Minogue is engaged to Joshua Sasse (who she's been with for 14 months) and she seems to have found her soul mate in him.

She said despite Sasse being 19 years her junior, she feels as though he has an old soul and that his old-fashioned views help her to feel as though she is the "young one in the relationship."

However, Sasse and Minogue do not intend to get married until there is marriage equality in Australia.

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5. She's undecided on adoption

When asked whether she and Sasse would consider adoption, Minogue revealed that she had considered it, but didn't reveal whether it was a definite plan.