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Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller is in deep financial trouble

Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller wasn’t in financial trouble when she decided to lie about her income, but she may be now.

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According to Page Six, The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Pittsburgh wants Miller to forfeit $120,000 worth of Australian currency that she brought into the United States without reporting it. The outlet states that she concealed $775,000 worth of income that she received for her work on Dance Moms and other spinoff programing.

As for Miller, she’s taking responsibility for her lies. She pleaded guilty to the charges in June.

One of Miller’s defense attorneys, Robert Ridge, stated that Miller has accepted responsibility for her mistakes, adding that Miller “appreciates the words of encouragement and support from around the world.”

Prosecutors say Miller could and should face up to 30 months in prison, but Miller’s attorneys say that because her bankruptcy creditors incurred no loss as a result of her lies, the sentence could only range from probation to six months in prison.

The investigation first began back in December 2012, when a judge saw Miller on TV and grew suspicious about the $8,899 in income Miller claimed per month. Authorities report that Miller hid more than $228,000 in income from Dance Moms and spinoffs as well as almost $550,000 for personal appearances, dance sessions and merchandise.

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I, personally, want to know how Miller thought she could get away with hiding so much money. Did she think that no one would notice? Especially since I’m sure her financials were easily discovered when Lifetime reported a different income than Miller.

Do you think Miller deserves jail time or should she be given probation as a first-time offender?

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