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8 Things to Know About Margot Robbie’s Husband, Tom Ackerley

Margot Robbie is a successful, talented, beautiful actor who is getting a hell of a lot of work done. She’s got dramatic talents, comedic chops and an IMDb list any actor would envy. You probably know her from Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street and I, Tonya. Another thing she’s got going on? She recently got married.

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So, what guy was awesome enough to be a match for this lady’s star power? That would be director Tom Ackerley. Here are just a few things we found out about him and their life together.

1. He’s British

Ackerley was born in Surrey, U.K.

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2. He works in film — and it’s how they met

Robbie and Ackerley started dating in 2013 after meeting on the set of the film Suite Française, in which Robbie starred as Celine and Ackerley was the third assistant director.

3. He has a lot of well-known films under his belt

According to Ackerley’s IMDb page, he’s worked on The Brothers Grimsby, The Two Faces of January, and the 2015 film Macbeth (starring Michael Fassbender) — as well as 10 other film credits.

4. He changed Robbie’s ideas on relationships

Before Ackerley, Robbie had a very different view on relationships, and during an interview with Vogue magazine she gushed about how he changed her life.

“[Before we met] I was the ultimate single gal,” she said. “The idea of relationships made me want to vomit. And then this crept up on me. We were friends for so long. I was always in love with him, but I thought, ‘Oh, he would never love me back. Don’t make it weird, Margot. Don’t be stupid and tell him that you like him.’ And then it happened, and I was like, ‘Of course we’re together. This makes so much sense, the way nothing has ever made sense before.'”

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4. He’s an animal lover

A glance at Ackerley’s Instagram account will confirm that he’s an animal lover, and he seems to have a particular fondness for dogs. His account is filled with photos of his adorable pooches.

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Mums new #Puppy #Shamelesspuppypost

A post shared by Tom Ackerley (@alpha_meows) on

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A post shared by Tom Ackerley (@alpha_meows) on

5. He’s also a bit of a motorbike fan

Just look at this…

6. The couple shares a love of the New York Rangers

Robbie and Ackerley are both sports fans, and in particular the New York Rangers. The pair have previously been spotted at an ice hockey game in Madison Square Garden — although we’re not sure how much of the game they saw.

7. Ackerley is not afraid to show the world he loves Robbie

Ackerley’s Instagram page is filled with posts of himself and Robbie having fun together. This guy definitely isn’t afraid to show the world just how much his lady means to him.

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Shout out to Granny B + M in the back!

A post shared by Tom Ackerley (@alpha_meows) on

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A post shared by Tom Ackerley (@alpha_meows) on

8. They tied the knot in secret

And then posted this cheeky photo to prove it.

A version of this article was originally published in December 2016.

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