Give NCIS‘ Abby Sciuto her own spinoff show

If you’ve been a longtime NCIS fan, then you know just how amazing Abby Sciuto (played by the fantastic Pauley Perrette) is.

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Whether she is rocking it in her lab, battling crime with forensic science, hitting the field all on her own, encouraging her team to do their best or ensuring animals are out of harms way, Abby is the star of the CBS hit series.

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For 14 seasons, Perrette has brought Abby to life and continues to make her shine in amazing ways. It’s something the actress still enjoys doing, and partly due to Abby becoming a role model for young girls and women.

In a column Perrette wrote for TV Insider, she opens up about how Abby influences many and has turned into someone young girls and women of all ages can look up to. “Abby is an inspiration to young girls all over the world to be smart, to be capable, to be brave,” Perrette wrote. “She inspires girls to go into math and science and inspires everyone to be kind and caring.”

For those young girls and women who love science and math, but may feel ashamed about it, get made fun of for it or are led to believe that it’s only for boys and men, Perrette wants you to embrace it just like Abby. She wrote, “Abby is a fictional television character, but what she represents is a new era in the expectations and potential for young girls and women everywhere. I would have loved to have had a female character like Abby to watch when I was in my youth.”

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Perrette even recognizes how Abby has shown others that just because someone is different, has tattoos and loves goth, among many other so-called nontraditional qualities, they should never be treated badly, but rather given a chance. “Abby has also had an interesting effect on bridging a generational gap,” Perrette wrote. “An older generation that may have been apprehensive about young people with tattoos, or an alternative style of dress, fell in love with Abby, and it has erased some prejudice. Now that young person they see at the store, whom they may have judged or even feared, just might be a brilliant forensic scientist and an awesome kid who goes to church and bowls with nuns.”

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Abby is exactly the type of character television needs. So, don’t you agree with us when we say that Abby deserves her own spinoff? It might not ever happen with NCIS still being such a huge success on its own, but you never know. Let’s face it, if she had her own show, Abby would continue to inspire in beautiful ways. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

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With that, here are just a few ways Abby has empowered many over the course of 14 seasons of NCIS.

1. When she stood up for Tony

In her own badass way, Abby defended Tony after Ziva blamed him for Rivkin’s death. Friends should always stand up for friends, and that’s exactly who Abby is. With Ziva, she was firm, but also kind, showing that when standing up for others, you don’t need to be harsh or a bully.

2. When she stood up for her beliefs

Whether it’s people or animals, Abby never fails in standing up for what she believes in. In Season 5, Episode 13, “Dog Tags,” Abby didn’t let anyone dissuade her from protecting a dog she knew deserved better.

3. When she embraced her forensic side

In every episode, Abby shows off her love of science, math and forensics. Like in the above video, she even names the machines that help her solve crimes. What makes all of this so great is that Abby is never ashamed and shows so much excitement over it, like everyone else who shares her passions should.

4. When she went all Die Hard

Remember when she took a field trip in Season 13 and ended up having to channel her inner John McClane? Even during the scariest of times, Abby knows how to save herself and others.

5. When she took on Chip

Yeah, Abby doesn’t need anyone fighting her battles or defending her. She can handle just about anyone all by herself.

6. When she laughed at farting

Bert, the farting hippo, is Abby’s best accessory. She finds farts funny and isn’t embarrassed by them. Guys aren’t the only ones who fart or find them hilarious, right?

Be sure to head on over to TV Insider to read Perrette’s entire column, because it is most certainly worth a read. Plus, it will probably inspire you (just like Abby) to never give up on your dreams and passions.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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