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Martha Stewart is a total cougar

Martha Stewart has recovered her reputation post-prison and then some. I honestly didn’t think she could get any more awesome at this point. I mean, she’s doing a talk show with Snoop Dog for goodness sake. But then Stewart started talking about her dating life on the The Wendy William’s Show, and I just can’t handle her coolness.

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Teach me your ways, Martha!

When asked by Williams if she was dating, Stewart replied coyly, “A little bit here and there.” She added that she prefers to date men who are about 10 years younger than her. Stewart is 75.

Get it, girl.

But that’s not all. Stewart also revealed she has been known to date men even younger.

She told Williams a story about a vacation she took to Egypt with her boyfriend at the time, only to find out during the trip that he was younger than Stewart’s daughter.

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“He was my boyfriend, and I had no idea,” Stewart revealed. “Because he looked older, he had a little gray in his hair. But he was 34 years old or something.”

Though that is too young for Stewart and she ended up breaking up with the guy like the baller she is, she did describe the relationship as, “very fun. Very fun.”

Ooooh, girl!

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Check out her whole interview with Williams below as well as some of the holiday card and gifting ideas Stewart shared because, of course, what would an interview with Stewart be if it didn’t include crafting?

Are you surprised Stewart goes for the younger men?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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