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Not that it matters, but Brad Pitt’s now the subject of plastic surgery rumors

Brad Pitt‘s revenge facelift rumor is just ridiculous.

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According to Radar Online, Pitt recovered from his separation from Angelina Jolie by getting some face primping. The outlet reports that Pitt had Botox, peels and fillers in the wake of his divorce.

“He feels like death inside, but he’ll be damned if he’ll look like anything but a million bucks on the outside!” a Radar Online insider dished.

I have a few questions here…

One, was anyone really thinking that at 53-years-old Pitt is just naturally wrinkle-free?

Two, was anyone honestly assuming that Hollywood leading men just don’t age like the rest of us?

Three, not that I’m an expert, but isn’t there a difference between a facelift and Botox/peels/fillers? So which did Pitt get? All of them?

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Most important, why do we care?

This is not even really news. All of Hollywood, including the men, are in on the cosmetic surgery trend. If Pitt felt the need to get a little nippin’ and tuckin’ to make himself feel better, then more power to him. He looks fantastic in recent photos (see above).

The guy has already had a rumor-filled end to 2016. I think he’s earned a break.

Furthermore, if you compare new photos of Pitt to photos taken over the summer, he really doesn’t look that different.

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Here is an image of him from June 2016.

Brad Pitt at 24 Hours of Le Mans
Image: ATP/

Moral of the story: Cosmetic surgery or no, Pitt is just as good-looking as ever.

Are you sick of the Brad Pitt rumors yet?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

fat-shamed male celebs slideshow
Image: Kento Nara/Future Image/

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