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The Bachelor has a fantasy league now — we repeat: A fantasy league exists

Big, big news, Bachelor Nation (make sure you take a seat first): The next season of The Bachelor has a fantasy league that you can participate in while you avidly watch Nick Viall try to find romance for the fourth (and hopefully last) time.

The official Bachelor fantasy league is co-sponsored by the original fantasy league mavericks over at ESPN, and you’ll be able to choose your team of Bachelor contestant faves just like you would if you were creating a fantasy football league. I mean, how amazing is that?

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Even better, you can compete against your friends and win actual, legitimate prizes. If you’re not brimming with excitement right now because yes, you can be rewarded for your keen Bachelor-predictive powers, then I worry you might be a Westworld host.

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Image: HBO/Pinterest

This fantasy league sounds like absolute perfection. So, where can you sign up and get started?

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Here’s how to get started:

The Bachelor Cast
Image: ABC/Rick Rowell

I decided to do a little investigating because I am both impatient and curious about this Bachelor fantasy league. So I said, “Let’s do this,” and went over to the Bachelor fantasy league website to sign up and see how I could begin picking my team.

First things first: You’ll be prompted to either sign in with your ABC account or create one. Go ahead and do that first.

From there, you can create a screen name (I chose “finalrosefan85” if only so you can make one more creative — you’re welcome) and really get started. From there, you’ll be taken to the fantasy league homepage, where you can first select the four women you think will be up for the final rose and furthermore, choose the definitive winner. You’re able to edit this final rose lineup until 7:59 pm ET on Jan. 16 (the day the third episode airs), just in case your tastes change.

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For now, that’s the most you can do. Beginning Dec. 28, you’ll be able to start making your weekly picks and putting those predictive powers to good use.

How to play:

The Bachelor Nick Viall and Dominique
Image: ABC/Rick Rowell

However, if you’re feeling more competitive, you can set up a league so you and your Bachelor-diehard friends and family can play against one another.

From the looks of the “How to play” section of the Bachelor fantasy league site, it would seem the ability to set up a league will kick in around Dec. 28, when you can begin making those weekly picks. As you watch each week, you are able to go into your account and make your picks for those women you think will make it to the next round of The Bachelor. Exciting, right?

And don’t forget about the points — they’re what earn you those coveted prizes. Each Wednesday before a new episode airs, you’ll be asked a new set of trivia questions for the upcoming episode. The points you earn from correct answers will be tallied and decide whether you are able to win that week’s prize. You’ll also earn big points if your final rose and Bachelor winner picks are correct too.

Are you ready for The Bachelor season premiere on Jan. 2?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Bachelor Season 21 contestants slideshow
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