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Reports claim that Scientology leader’s absent wife looks ‘homeless’ & ‘frail’

A new report by journalist and Scientology writer Tony Ortega claims that Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, has been spotted twice in the past year in Crestline, California, not far from a Scientology compound.

You’ve probably heard former Scientologist Leah Remini talk about David Miscavige. She and many others, including Ortega, claim that Shelly has been missing since 2005. Remini even opened a missing person report with the Los Angeles Police Department in 2013, but it was later dismissed as unfounded.

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Ortega believes David has kept Shelly hidden away at the Church of Spiritual Technology, a 33-acre secret compound in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead, California, for the last 11 years. A new source of Ortega’s claims that she has seen Shelly in the area twice.

According to Ortega, “In the late summer of 2005, eyewitnesses tell us, David Miscavige blew up over some minor changes that his wife Shelly made at Int Base while he was away. A week later, she vanished. Several different lines of evidence have convinced us that at that point she was moved to the CST headquarters, and she’s been living and working there ever since. Shelly was only seen in public one time since then, in the summer of 2007, when she was allowed to go to the funeral of her father in the presence of Scientology ‘handlers.'”

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The International Base is a 500-acre compound 50 miles away from the Church of Spiritual Technology near Hemet, according to Ortega. He spoke to a woman he called Rachel, who has lived in the Crestline area her whole life and believes she has seen Shelly there twice.

“She was a thin, smaller woman, escorted by two men,” Rachel reportedly told Ortega of the woman she saw, who she believes was Shelly. “Disheveled. Almost like a drug addict, or like she was homeless.”

Rachel also said the woman “looked all of her 55 years, had long, stringy graying hair, and appeared ‘frail.'” She says she was escorted by two men.

This first sighting reportedly happened in December 2015. Rachel says she saw the same woman again during April 2016.

According to Ortega, “Rachel says she was at Goodwin & Sons Market, a few blocks away from the hardware store, when the same woman came in, again escorted by two younger men. The woman had the same kind of appearance as the previous time, but Rachel didn’t notice if it was the same two young men.”

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Rachel says she took notice of the frail woman both times she saw her, and she remembered the woman because her work involves helping people who are recovering from alcohol and substance abuse problems.

“This was what I do for a living, work with people who are in that kind of shape. And I had a thought that this woman was not supposed to be there,” Rachel told Ortega. “It was disturbing.”

Rachel didn’t suspect the woman was Shelly Miscavige until she watched Remini’s appearance on ABC’s 20/20 where a photo of Shelly was shown. According to Ortega, “Rachel says she was stunned. She called over her husband, and she says at that moment, they were ’90 percent sure’ that they had seen the woman before, on two different occasions in the nearby town of Crestline.”

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