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Mariah Carey slammed for lip-syncing the greatest Christmas song that ever was

There’s one thing that’s just not up for debate: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is the single greatest Christmas song of all time.

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But it’s also the source of something that is definitely up for debate: Did Carey lip-sync the song when she performed at VH1’s Divas Holiday: Unsilent Night concert?

The video of Carey’s performance hit YouTube this week, and a war is waging in the comment section. From what the commenters are saying, there seem to be three options here:

  1. Carey sang the song live and all is good in the world
  2. Carey lip-synced her performance, which basically makes her completely talentless
  3. Carey sang live over a pre-recorded track, making it kind of seem like she lip-synced even though she didn’t and giving the whole performance a weird, double-voice sound.

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Every commenter belongs firmly to one of those camps, and isn’t willing to give up any ground, so the debate rages on.

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Come on, people. Who cares whether she actually sang it live or not? After incidents like Janet Jackson’s infamously planned Super Bowl nip slip, can you really blame TV producers for not trusting celebs live on air with millions of families watching? Carey is still an amazing performer. Buy a ticket to one of her shows if seeing her live is that big a deal.

Do you think she was lip-syncing her Christmas performance? Watch the full performance here so you can judge for yourself, then comment below.

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