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Selena Gomez is back in the studio & dropping hints about her next move

Selena Gomez went quiet after announcing her hiatus from the music world — and the world at large — in late August. But she’s back in the studio, and though she’s not personally posting about it, her musically-inclined pals certainly are. “Music and love,” songwriter Justin Tranter posted on Instagram yesterday alongside a shot of Gomez applying eyeliner and seemingly glowing from the inside, possibly giving off her own light. (Rehab went well.) Tranter wrote “Hands to Myself” and “Love Myself” on Gomez’ latest album, Revival, so you know if these two are hanging, new tunes can’t be far behind.

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Last week, producers Alex Schwartz and Joe Khajadourian (aka The Futuristics) and producer/songwriter Jeberg Jonas posted pics of Gomez and crew in the process of creating new melodies. “Making magic, – can’t wait ’till you all hear this,” Jonas wrote. “Last night was extra spicy,” The Futuristics posted, tagging Gomez (who was eating a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, naturally).

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Gomez’s ex Joe Jonas, for one, is psyched about the prospect of new hits. He posted the high-five/prayer-hands emoji on Tranter’s Instagram post, which was, of course, captured by a Selena Gomez fan page, because people are obsessed. Count us just as stoked — can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for Gomez and friends.
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