Scott Baio claims one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ wives attacked him

Can we all just agree not to talk about politics for the next four (or, God forbid, eight) years?

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It seems to be in everyone’s best interest. Just ask Scott Baio, who claims he was attacked by Nancy Mack, the wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, over his support for Donald Trump.

Baio has been a Trump supporter for some time, making some pretty gross statements in support of the gross things the president-elect said while he was campaigning. Mack is apparently not a Trump supporter, as evidenced by the police report Baio filed against her with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, accusing her of battery.

Page Six says the incident in question happened on Monday, when both Baio and Mack were attending an event with their young kids. Baio claims that Mack started out by verbally harassing him for supporting Trump and that the situation escalated until she was shaking and pushing him, screaming, “Grab ’em by the pussy!”

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Mack’s friends claim that’s not what went down at all, saying she was just joking around and showing Baio “how Trump hugs women.” Neither Baio nor Mack has personally commented on the incident.

Baio’s wife, however, took to Twitter and posted a lengthy rant, apparently pissed that Mack made a scene in front of their kids.

“Did HER sources say she yelled at our 9yr old asking if SHE WANTS SOMEONE 2 GRAB HER PUSSY?” Renee Sloan-Baio wrote. She also posted a photo of Mack, asking her followers, “does this look like a sane mother/lady 2 you?”

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