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Sundance Head says his bond with Blake Shelton helped him win The Voice

With five wins under his belt, it’s clear that Blake Shelton knows what he’s doing on The Voice. He always gets on well with the musicians on his team, but this season, there was something truly special about the connection between Shelton and Sundance Head. This connection has been obvious to hardcore fans from the beginning, but it became even more evident during an exclusive interview with the Season 11 victor.

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While chatting with SheKnows, Head credited Shelton for his win. According to Head, Shelton taught him to “trust [himself] and believe in [his] abilities.” Shelton always encourages his contestants to be themselves, but it was particularly easy with Head, as the two have so much in common. Head explained, “We like a lot of the same things. We like to go to the woods a lot and do that kind of thing.”
The connection goes far deeper than a few shared interests, however. Both Head and Shelton lost their brothers. Shelton continues to mourn his late brother, Richie, over 25 years after his passing. The same is true for Head, who was forced to say goodbye to his brother when he was just 9 years old. While recovering from this loss, he wrote his very first song.

Head explained that he and Shelton enjoyed a wonderful kinship due to their many shared interests and experiences. He added, “We recognized that. That was one thing that helped us to work together.”

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Shelton gets a good deal of the credit for Head’s win, but American Idol may also have played a significant role. Head competed on the show nearly a decade ago, but at the time, he just wasn’t ready to deal with constructive criticism. “There’s just so many things I learned not to do on American Idol… I learned to be quiet and listen to what other people have to say.”

Head believes he was a bit too big for his britches while competing on American Idol, but that all changed after he had kids and joined The Voice. “I just came out here with a lot of gratitude and a lot of graciousness. Paid attention. Every opportunity that I had to learn, that’s what I tried to do.”
The excitement is just beginning for Head, but he’s still keeping his mind on what’s important: his family. He’s going to sing the national anthem at the upcoming Houston Texans game and then enjoy some quality family time. “I’m really excited to take my kids out to the woods to camp out. That’s really a time I enjoy spending with them.” Also in the near future? His 11th wedding anniversary on Christmas Day.

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We loved Sundance Head on The Voice and are excited to see what he does next in his post-reality TV career. With his natural talent, his vulnerability and his unique way of connecting with fans, he has everything it takes to make it in the competitive music industry, all while remaining a wonderful husband and father.

What did you think of Sundance Head’s big win? Did you appreciate his bond with Blake Shelton? Comment and share your opinion below.

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