Yo, Johnny Depp: Pay up that $6.8M to Amber Heard already

What we were warned about in reports earlier this week is apparently happening: Johnny Depp is refusing to pay Amber Heard the divorce settlement he owes her.

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According to Jezebel, Heard has filed a court order against Depp demanding payment of the $6.8 million settlement she was granted in their split, which she pledged to donate to domestic violence charities.

The site says Depp is refusing based on “public comments,” probably referring to the domestic violence PSA Heard recorded, as well as the open letter she penned to victims of domestic abuse. Depp is reportedly alleging that Heard has violated a confidentiality clause in their divorce agreement even though she never mentioned Depp in her statements about domestic violence.

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Heard promised to donate her entire $6.8 million settlement to the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital, organizations that help victims of domestic violence. Depp’s refusal to pay up means she hasn’t been able to come through on her promise to give them the money. Jezebel reports that Depp is withholding other parts of the settlement too, including transferring a Range Rover title into Heard’s name and meeting with her to divide up their shared assets and belongings.

The site also reports an interesting new piece of information: Some gossip sites are saying Depp is low on cash lately, and that’s part of the reason he’s fighting the settlement. Lainey Gossip claims that Depp has some other debts and that he’s facing legal action for skipping out on other payments. Considering Depp’s success in Hollywood, that one is hard to believe, but anything is possible.

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