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The rumor about Miranda Lambert & Anderson East’s breakup is laughable

It’s been quite a week for hilarious breakup rumors. First reports saying Prince William and Kate Middleton were headed for a split. Now, the tabloids are running with a story about a Miranda Lambert-Anderson East breakup, and they have the most hilariously ridiculous reason for the supposed split.

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According to Star, East gave Lambert the boot because she called him “Blake” in bed. My eyes just rolled into outer space because a) when has that actually happened outside of a sitcom, and b) who actually breaks up with someone for a reason as silly as that?

The magazine says it confirmed all these fears that East had about Lambert being hung up on her ex, Blake Shelton, which is just barely more believable.

“[Anderson East] decided to leave Miranda because he feels that she’s never really gotten over Blake and he’s fed up,” a source told Star. “She couldn’t feel more alone and miserable.”

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The insider continued, “[Anderson] began to feel that Miranda was still hung up on Blake. He got angry and called her out on it. Unfortunately, I get the feeling Miranda will always be obsessed with Blake, to the point of it wreaking havoc on any other relationship.”

The source apparently has even more insider information about the growing pile of ridiculous reasons we’re supposed to think Lambert and East broke up.

“Miranda unwittingly sabotaged any last chance of keeping their romance alive when she put their earlier, tentative wedding plans on hold in November, telling Anderson she was too busy traveling and promoting her new album,” the insider said. “I believe that gave him the time to think everything over — and he realized it was probably time to bail.”

Guys, have you seen their Instagrams? They’re so publicly lovey that the cuteness actually makes me a little nauseated. Lambert and East are fine.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Blake and Miranda GIFs slideshow
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