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Anna Gunn’s Equity is written by a woman, funded by women & directed by a woman

It’s hard to believe that in 2016, we are still fighting for women’s equality in the workplace, but that’s exactly what’s happening in Hollywood and beyond. A new film starring Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn tackles that exact topic.

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Equity follows the story of Naomi Bishop, an investment banker on Wall Street who takes Silicon Valley companies through an initial public offering. It’s a financial thriller that takes a woman’s perspective — not only from the character’s point of view, but from behind the lens as well.

Equity was written, funded and directed by women. Writer Amy Fox, director Meera Menon and producers Sarah Megan Thomas and Alysia Reiner came together to create a film that’s changing stereotypes on and off camera.

“I thought, I like Wall Street movies, but they don’t speak to my heart. Then I started interviewing some of these women and hearing these incredible stories of what it is to be a woman in this world,” said Reiner to Vanity Fair. “I realized, Oh my God, what if we could make this highly entertaining Wall Street thriller that at the end of the day could incite change?”

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The film dives into the issues women face on a daily basis, no matter what industry they work in. From office gossip to starting a family, women have to navigate challenging waters that their male counterparts rarely deal with.

Women have to constantly adjust their temperament in a work setting, especially when it’s a more male-centric field. Gunn studied women in finance and found that they walked a fine line between their authentic selves and the role they played with their male co-workers.

“The women that I spoke to on Wall Street talked a lot about the delicate balance you have to walk between being very tough and being soft, being precise and sometimes hard and tempering that with charm and humor,” said Gunn to Vanity Fair. “That’s not something men generally have to worry about.”

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This story resonated with so many women when the creators were looking for financing that a majority of the funding came from women who built their careers on Wall Street. They wanted their stories told.

What Equity truly is, though, is a wake-up call to Hollywood. Audiences are tired of seeing the same films from a male perspective. It’s time to show that women can not only carry a film, they can carry a film that goes beyond the romantic comedy genre. Whether it’s a thriller or an action film, female directors, writers and producers are ready to get these movies made.

The studios have to get behind these films, otherwise, they are missing a huge market. Reboots of popular franchises are the core of their yearlong strategy, but fresh stories like Equity deserve to be told because filmgoers are hungry for something more, something that reflects America.

Equity is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital.

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