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Bristol Palin was just as surprised as you were by her pregnancy

If you weren’t expecting Bristol Palin to announce another pregnancy, don’t worry — she was as surprised by it as you were.

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Palin posted a blog post Tuesday explaining that the pregnancy was a big surprise for her, but that she always envisioned having a family of five.

“Looking back many months ago, I would never have dreamed this is where I would be. Is this not proof God is full of good surprises, when you put your life in His hands?” she wrote.

She also mentioned the public backlash she received when she announced her second pregnancy just before calling off her engagement to Dakota Meyer.

“Dakota and I have been through trials in the public eye, and I am so thankful for where we are today,” she wrote. “God brought us together. And then back together. Pretty miraculous.”

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She continued, “Keeping with our unconventional life, it has been so much fun to keep this news just among our family and friends for the first half of our pregnancy; that Dakota knows the baby’s gender but the rest of us won’t until he or she is born; and even while pregnant with Sailor (under more unconventional circumstances) I always knew a third child someday would complete our family.”

And Palin, who has been more than a little controversial for most of her adult life, wants haters to go ahead and step down while she celebrates her pregnancy with her family.

As she put it on her blog, “Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people would be happy upon hearing other people’s good news instead of criticizing it? Or bringing them down?”

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You have to admit, she’s got a point.

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