LOL at reports that Kate Middleton & Prince William are on the brink of divorce

LOL at the newest reports about the former Kate Middleton and Prince William. Apparently, their marriage is failing, but does anyone actually believe that?

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Headlines and Global News reports that the royal couple is headed for a divorce, but doesn’t quote a source saying so. Instead, HNGN simply cites “rumors” that are spreading that say Kate and Prince William are putting on a happy face in public, but actually living apart.

The site also claims (again, with no source) that Queen Elizabeth is orchestrating the couple’s divorce, because that’s obviously something she would do. HNGN claims that Queen Elizabeth has been keeping the royals on busy schedules in different parts of the world, so they aren’t able to see each other or their kids. The Queen’s reason for doing this? Allegedly, she thinks they have “jaunty attitudes” and that they’ve neglected their duties as royals, so she’s passive-aggressively destroying their marriage from behind the scenes to teach them a lesson. Seriously, who believes this?

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The site claims that Queen Elizabeth’s frustrations stem from William and Kate’s decision to attend things like movie premieres over charity events. She allegedly thinks they’re more interested in being celebrities than serving the crown. We can go ahead and debunk this now: From 2013 to October 2015, the royal couple didn’t attend a single movie premiere. We’re not going to take the time to count exactly how many charity events they hosted and attended in that same span of time, but it was hundreds.

Here’s hoping everything is OK with William and Kate behind the Kensington Palace walls, but if there is any trouble with their marriage, it’s probably a sure bet that it’s not being orchestrated by a vindictive Queen because they’re neglecting their royal duties.

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