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Sundance Head wasn’t the only Season 11 winner on The Voice

All season, the haters have insisted that Billy Gilman’s previous fame would automatically garner him a win on The Voice. Sundance Head just proved them wrong with a major — and majorly deserved — upset. Clearly, a recognizable name can only get you so far on The Voice.

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He may not have come away with the official title of Season 11 winner, but Gilman is a winner in his own way. After a very successful season and a second place finish, Gilman is bound to enjoy the career revival he’s been searching for as a pop musician.

The Voice Finalists
Image: NBC

Head and Gilman have both been great in their own ways this season. Although Gilman is well versed in country music, he currently represents a very different style than Head. But the vast majority of his performances have been arguably just as impressive as Head’s (although Head definitely came out on top after last night’s finale). Because these contestants cater to different viewers, there was going to be some contention on Twitter no matter who won.

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Ultimately, whether you love or hate Gilman’s updated style (and whether you think he had an unfair advantage), you have to admit that he’s accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. He’s gone from a forgotten child star to a chart-worthy singer in a few months, and having clinched a spot in the finale (and all the accompanying press), he’s bound to score a record deal and attract legions of fans at upcoming shows and tours. The future is bright for Billy Gilman.

As for Sundance Head, well, he’s obtained the notoriety that Blake Shelton believes he deserved all along. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll achieve success as a post-reality TV artist, however, as many talented individuals have faded into obscurity after winning the show. That being said, we certainly hope that Head will enjoy a long reign on the country charts. He deserves it!

This was technically Head’s night, but we expect great things from both him and runner-up Billy Gilman. We are excited to see what they do next!

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What did you think of Sundance Head’s victory on The Voice? Were you rooting for him to win? Comment and share your opinion below.

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