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General Hospital’s Bryan Craig is killing fans with his cryptic tweets

Just as we were getting used to the idea that Bryan Craig was gone from General Hospital, he sends out cryptic tweets that might indicate a return. Let’s hope he’s not toying with all of us; it’s been a tough year already.

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Back in September, Craig announced his departure to focus on other projects. His Emmy award-winning storyline was important not only to the show, but his role as Morgan Corinthos opened a lot of eyes to the stigma surrounding mental illness.

GH writers left us assuming Morgan was dead, but we all know no one is ever truly dead on soaps. There is always a sliver of hope that his character is alive and he’s about to return to Port Charles.

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Craig’s recent tweets also have GH fans in a frenzy, but if you take a closer look at his Twitter account, he’s reset his entire timeline after his page was recently hacked. The first tweet is a retweet from Dec. 6. Then on Dec. 7, he gifted us with this perplexing message.
Is he referring to the fact that his prior timeline is gone or is it in reference to GH? He then added another message to stir the pot.
Does he mean that fans are getting ahead of themselves about his return to the ABC soap? His followers have all sorts of theories.

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ABC certainly hasn’t chimed in about his return, nor do we think he’s jumping back into the GH fray so soon. Give Craig a bit of time to test the waters out in Hollywood. He will discover other areas of interest or he’ll find out how good the gig is at GH — only time will tell, but we need to give him time.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

General Hospital slideshow
Image: ABC/Rick Rowell

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