Focusing on looks could leave them single on Married by Mom and Dad

The latest episode on Married By Mom and Dad, ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ features a wedding and we get to know a new single, Tahnee. We also got to watch Devin and his new bride, Ursula, meet at the altar.

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I noticed a lot of conversation and worry about physical appearance in the match in this episode.There is a bit more emphasis on physical attributes that I don’t think is really useful at this point.The singles all appear to be overly concerned with the physical appearance of the match their parents will choose for them. Devin started out with this idea that he will not settle for anything less than his standards, and he needs to be physically attracted to his partner. While this may appear to be a need, I caution him and the others to remember that this quality is not actually all that important in terms of having a healthy and successful relationship, in my view. I feel like he should shift his focus to more substantial things, and this can help produce a stronger relationship.

Devin however was not the only one with worries about looks.Tahnee Smith told the camera what qualities she is looking for and feels that her step-mom will understand her physical type of tall, dark, and handsome. While initially looks might be a precursor to a great relationship by helping to attract someone in the beginning, it takes a lot more than just a good looking person to create a long lasting healthy union.

Obviously most people are searching for a physical look that they find attractive in a partner.However, I think the best dating tips would be to caution looking for just a pretty face, as looks are superficial and not as meaningful as the other qualities in a person.Chemistry can still occur without the superficial qualities being checked off the list.Sometimes chemistry is unspoken and not solely about appearance, and maybe once you get to know someone, they appear more attractive in that sense anyway.It takes a lot more than just physical appearance to keep a marriage together.

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These singles are looking for compatibility in other ways as well.I think the parents will be able to cut through this in a more useful way than their kids since they’re looking at the entire person and not just the physical appearance.We saw on last week’s episode where other issues such as employment and religion were factors the parents were considering when searching for a mate for their children. As the singles might have made mistakes in previous relationships, the parents can bring a new perspective to dating and relationships, and I like this about this show.

The words of wisdom from last night’s episode are to be open minded and don’t worry about physical looks when searching for a date or a partner.Being able to find someone with other qualities such as kindness, humor, intelligence, being family oriented, honest, having integrity, and optimism might be more important than how someone looks or the style of their clothes.Challenging ourselves to look at a person for who they are and not what they look like would really be a useful tip.As sometimes looks are just that and a kind heart and caring person is much more important in terms of love and relationships.

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