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Camille Grammer just put her ex-boyfriend in his place in a big way

Camille Grammer just won a major legal victory in her lengthy, heated battle with ex-boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos.

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RadarOnline confirms that a judge allowed Grammer the right to depose Charalambopoulos in order to collect the $121,000 he owes her in legal fees.

Over the past year, the two have battled it out with dual lawsuits. Grammer accused Charalambopoulos of domestic violence for a Texas hotel incident in 2013. Charalambopoulos said the claims were fabricated and fought back with his own lawsuit against Grammer for damaging his reputation.

Unfortunately for Charalambopoulos, most of his claims have been thrown out of court, entitling Grammer to recoup her legal fees. Charalambopoulos claims he has no money, however. In fact, despite the fact that RadarOnline reports he makes $5,000 to $7,000 a week at his construction job, Charalambopoulos claims that for October 2016, he only had $11.10 in his bank account. Ouch.

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As much as I think Grammer is entitled to this money, especially if Charalambopoulos did, in fact, abuse her, it’s also a reflection on our troubled legal system. It is absolutely outrageous that a former couple’s squabbles can lead to such financial turmoil.

Plus, in cases where the loser is actually the victim, it is entirely unjust.

“This is not a case in which Grammer is anticipating a recovery against Charalambopoulos and seeking discovery prematurely; she is entitled to such a recovery by statute, and she is seeking discovery only because Charalambopoulos asserts that he cannot comply with the court’s award,” the judge said during his ruling.

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Grammer can now legally serve Charalambopoulos for proof of his financial situation in order to take the steps to get her money back.

Do you think it’s fair that Charalambopoulos has to front Grammer’s legal bill?

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