6 celebs rumoured to be returning for an explosive new series of CBB

Celebrity Big Brother will soon be back for another series, and ahead of the Jan. 3 airing date, Channel 5 has revealed that the house is undergoing a special pop-art makeover. But what we really want to know is who will be taking part?

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Of course, there’s no confirmation just yet because the show’s bosses like to keep things as secretive as possible, but the rumour mill is already running wild. What we do know is that the show will feature both new contestants and favourites from previous series, with the network promising “an explosion of fun and live personalities.”

Here are six contestants whose names are in the mix for the next series of CBB.

1. Jedward

Next year’s show will reportedly include a mix-up of all stars (people who have been on the show previously) and a section of new stars too, and among the stars rumoured to be returning are twins John and Edward Grimes, aka, X Factor band Jedward.

The verdict: The twins were popular with both the audience and producers in 2011, but their fame has dwindled over the years, and we’re not sure we want to see them back.

2. Nicola McLean

Rumour has it that Nicola McLean is going to be making her return to CBB in 2017, and this report has us really confused. You may remember McLean was a contestant in CBB in 2012, and she hated it. She clashed with many celebs in the house, including Denise Walsh, and stated at the time that it was the worst experience of her life.

The verdict: McLean is nothing if not controversial, and after her last experience, we definitely want to see her return to stir things up.

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3. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Over the years Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have created a name for themselves as reality TV villains, and in 2013 they entered the CBB house for the first time. Despite struggling to hold their tongues, the couple did come close to winning. According to The Mirror, they’ve reportedly signed a six-figure contract to return to the house for a second time — with the hopes of taking the title.

“Spencer and Heidi are very competitive and they got so close to winning last time that they’re hell-bent on coming out on top this time around,” a source said.

The verdict: We think we’ve seen enough of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag over the years. Bring on the fresh faces, please.

4. Angélique “Frenchy” Morgan

Rumours are also flying around that Angélique “Frenchy” Morgan may be returning to the show. She originally appeared on CBB in 2012, but didn’t last long — she was the third contestant to leave the house.

The verdict: Morgan is great at winding people up, and we don’t think we really saw enough of her before, so it’s a definite “yes” to having her back for another CBB stint.

5. Calum Best

According to The Sun, Calum Best dropped a hint that he would be taking part in the show in 2017 during an interview with Daily Star Online. He told the publication that he was going on holiday at the end of the year, but would be “coming back to London in January to do some work.” When asked if that work was CBB, he reportedly winked and said, “No comment.”

The verdict: Of course, it’s entirely possible that Best has other work planned, but after his appearance on the show in 2015, we say bring it on!

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6. Katie Price

Katie Price expressed her enthusiasm to do CBB again when she tweeted about it, and included the very telling hashtag, #getpriceyincbb.

The verdict: Katie Price is nothing if not entertaining, and she’s a total wild card, so if there’s a chance she’s going to return to the show, we’re all for it.

Is there anyone you’d like to see in the Celebrity Big Brother house this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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