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Supernatural‘s [SPOILER] having a baby isn’t something to celebrate

Well, Supernatural definitely didn’t skimp on the cliffhangers in its Season 12 midseason finale. Basically, there is more bad than good coming when the series returns in January. Oh, and a baby. Yeah, someone is pregnant.

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The episode focused mainly on Lucifer taking on a new vessel — the president of the United States. For real, Lucifer became POTUS. Well, actually, he became LOTUS. During his time running the nation, Lucifer also had some fun with one of the president’s employees. He became quite sexually experienced and truly enjoyed it.

He liked it so much that he kept having sex with Kelly (played by Courtney Ford). Oh, and then she got pregnant. We’re suprised it took Supernatural this long to integrate this kind of storyline, but now Sam, Dean and Castiel have to worry about the spawn of Lucifer.

At the episode’s end (after extracting Lucifer from the president and getting rid of him for now, thanks to Mr. Ketch, who finally showed his face), Castiel tried to convince Kelly that she couldn’t keep the child because it is an unholy abomination. She was almost on board, but then she decided that after feeling the child inside her, she couldn’t follow through. So, now Kelly and the future possible mini-Lucifer are nowhere to be found. This definitely doesn’t call for celebration or a baby shower.

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Sam and Dean
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If that isn’t bad enough, after battling Lucifer and saving the president’s life, Sam and Dean were arrested by Secret Service agents for the attempted assassination of the president. The Winchesters have been screwed before, but now they are really screwed. Like they usually do, Crowley and Rowena bolted after Lucifer was defeated and Cas left with Kelly before Sam and Dean’s arrest, so no one knows where they are or what the heck happened to them.

Based on the promo for the next episode, Sam and Dean haven’t been seen or heard from for “six weeks, 10 days and two hours.” Good thing it looks like Castiel and Mary are working together to try and find them. Here’s hoping they are successful. Also, who else is looking forward to more Mary and Cas scenes?

With Sam and Dean MIA and Lucifer’s baby growing by the minute, Supernatural has some major messes to clean up — and stat.

To see how or whether any of the issues above are resolved, catch new episodes of Supernatural when it returns on Thursday, Jan. 26, in its new time slot at 8/7c on The CW.

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