This picture of Lea Michele & Jon Stamos kissing may be our undoing

Dec 8, 2016 at 4:52 p.m. ET
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I never knew I needed to 'ship Lea Michele and John Stamos, but I totally need to 'ship Lea Michele and John Stamos.

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The two Scream Queens stars were in Malibu this week to film scenes for the show, which included a little make-out sesh on the beach. Michele is wearing a super-cute blue one-piece swimsuit, while Stamos is just wearing a bathrobe, and have mercy.


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Michele and Stamos play Hester and Brock, respectively, on the show, and they're widely suspected to be the killers. Michele has been starring on Scream Queens since it began, but Stamos joined the cast at the beginning of the second season, which is currently airing. A third season hasn't been announced, and amid declining ratings, some are speculating that the show will be canceled before it gets a third season. Here's an idea: Replace Scream Queens with some show that just features Michele and Stamos making out all the time. Or make that the plot of Scream Queens and bump those ratings.

This isn't even the first time Michele and Stamos have gotten their mac on, as Us Weekly points out. Stamos was a guest at Michele's 30th birthday party in August, where he shared a photo on Instagram of the "awkward" birthday kiss they shared.


Clearly they've gotten better at this since August, because there's nothing awkward about that scene on the beach.

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