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Maisie Williams’ private photos ended up on Reddit for the whole world to see

2016, and women still can’t feel safe taking a nude photo and knowing they’ll have agency over how and when their own bodies are shared with others.

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It’s a truly unfortunate reality that these days, it’s way too easy for celebs to get hacked or tricked, and for their risqué selfies to wind up all over the internet. The latest star to be targeted? Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams.

Williams was lucky, though — her pics are relatively innocent. They just show her topless, sitting on a rock with her back to the camera and undressing with a couple of friends. The problem here is that somehow, the photos were shared online without Williams’ consent.

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Page Six reports that Williams only shared the pics with her close friends and family on Facebook, and that somehow, they got from there to Reddit. Her rep confirmed that the photos were real, and that they definitely came from Williams’ private Facebook page.

“The images online were shared from Maisie’s personal social media account,” her rep said in a statement. “The images are not explicit in nature, but pictures of Maisie and close friends at a spa at a recent visit in Japan.”

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No one has said yet how the photos got leaked to the public. It could have been someone in Williams’ inner circle or it could have been a hack. Either way, it’s a good time to remind everyone of a really important fact: Women can share their bodies however they want to, but for someone else to take that power out of their hands and share their bodies without their consent is sexual assault.

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