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Scott Pelley’s time as CBS Evening News‘ anchor could be coming to an end

CBS Evening News could be getting a little bit of a shakeup.

While network execs deny the rumors, they’re still out there and growing, and they say that Scott Pelley is about to be removed from his anchor position on the evening news and moved to a full-time gig on 60 Minutes.

Pelley’s style is of slow storytelling, which doesn’t fit so well with the fast-paced evening news, but works well for 60 Minutes,” an insider dished about the possible move.

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Pelley is already an anchor on 60 Minutes, and insiders close to the network say placing him on that show full time would be a smart move for CBS because viewers likely wouldn’t view the move as a demotion for Pelley, even though he’d be leaving the network’s most-watched program. It would also give CBS an opportunity to replace Pelley with a new anchor, which is always a way to generate speculation and buzz.

Page Six is reporting rumors that favor Norah O’Donnell to be Pelley’s replacement as an anchor on CBS Evening News, but an insider told the site that wasn’t likely.

“She’s staying at CBS This Morning [with Charlie Rose and Gayle King],” the source said. “The ratings are strong, and they’re a great team.”

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If O’Donnell did make the move to the evening news, she’d be the only female anchor on a major evening news show.

The move comes after Pelley saw a 4 percent dip in his ratings over the last year, and a 7 percent decline among the 25 to 54 age demographic, even though CBS has been insisting that his ratings are higher than ever. CBS also denies rumors that he’s being moved from the evening news to 60 Minutes.

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