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Kody Brown may be moving on from Sister Wives and starting a whole new show

If you’re one of the handful of people still watching Sister Wives, and if you’ll actually miss the show when if TLC decides to drop it, Kody Brown is already working on a solution for you: Word on the street is that Brown has already pitched the network a new reality series.

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Life and Style reports that family friend Kendra Pollard dished about Brown’s new idea for a spinoff series.

He came up with the idea for a series featuring other polygamous husbands coming to his rescue and saving his reputation,” she said.

Those other husbands reportedly include Brady Williams, who already has his own reality series, My Five Wives, and Nathan Collier, who has made some guest appearances alongside Brown on Sister Wives. Pollard says the three of them even already got together to secretly film the pilot episode of their new series.

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This could solve a couple of problems for Brown. First, his family stays on TV so their dedicated fans can keep watching their lives take place — that is, if his wives agree to this. They seem to be pretty over the reality TV scene, so who knows. And second, another show would replace the paycheck Brown would lose if Sister Wives got pulled, reportedly his only source of income. It’s been reported that TLC has already warned Brown that the currently airing season of Sister Wives is likely to be the last, so he may be scrambling for a way to pay the bills after the show inevitably ends.

And if Pollard is to be believed, the new show may be just that.

“It worked,” she told Life and Style. “TLC said they loved the idea.”

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