Taylor Lautner’s new relationship has pretty suspicious timing

Legit relationship or just a ploy to garner a little publicity for their show?

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Scream Queens co-stars Taylor Lautner and Billie Lourd were getting hot and heavy on a dance floor Saturday night, and their co-star Keke Palmer was there to capture it in a suspiciously well-framed Snapchat.

Palmer posted the photo of the two making out with the caption, “omg omg omg OMG,” and the moment she captured apparently wasn’t their only PDA of the night. Onlookers told E! News that they were all over each other at multiple clubs.

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He was sitting really close to Billie, whispering in each other’s ears twice and kissing,” one witness told the site.

The source continued, “They’ve been staring in each other’s eyes and she’s been stroking his chest because his shirt is unbuttoned.”

It may or may not be related, but Scream Queens is failing pretty hard right now. It’s currently the lowest-rated show on Fox, which means it’s almost sure to get canceled. Palmer’s snap of Lautner and Lourd making out already looked a little staged, but when you add in the fact that their show is on the chopping block, it really makes you wonder: Is this just a publicity stunt to build a little hype for Scream Queens?

The few viewers the show has left have apparently been ‘shipping Lautner and Lourd pretty hard, which also doesn’t look good for their alleged relationship.

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Do you think Taylor Lautner and Billie Lourd are legit? Or are they just trying to save their show by faking a relationship?

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