Sofía Vergara & Nick Loeb’s embryo lawsuit is getting even more complex

Sofía Vergara and Nick Loeb have moved on from their relationship, but they haven’t moved on from their embryo battle — and after two years of court battles, they still appear to be no closer to reaching an agreement.

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In fact, the lawsuit has taken a surprising new turn: Vergara is being sued by her two female embryos.

Yes, you read that correctly. According to Page Six, sources have shed light on a new lawsuit filed in Louisiana (traditionally an anti-abortion state) on Tuesday, Dec. 6. In the right-to-live lawsuit, the two fertilized eggs — which were created in 2013 back when Loeb and Vergara were engaged — are referred to as “Emma” and “Isabella” and listed as plaintiffs.

The lawsuit reportedly also lists the embryos’ “trustee,” James Carbonnet as a plaintiff, sources told the publication — although it is unclear who Carbonnet is in relationship to either Loeb or Vergara.

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What the case essentially claims is that by denying Emma and Isabella the right to be born, Vergara will deprive them of a trust fund that has been set up for them by Loeb. It asks that the frozen embryos be handed over to Loeb so that they can live in his care and receive the trust that has been set up for them, which, according to sources, includes provisions for education and health care, among other things.

This lawsuit has become incredibly bitter, and while Vergara has made it perfectly clear that she does not want the eggs to be brought into this world, stating that a child “needs a mother and a loving relationship with parents that get along,” Loeb strongly disagrees and wishes to raise the embryos on his own.

In fact, his latest lawsuit reportedly addresses this point again. In it, he reportedly claims that he should have full custody and that Vergara’s parental rights should be terminated. Sources also claim that Loeb wants to have the embryos implanted in a surrogate.

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In addition, Loeb reportedly claims the contract that he and Vergara had together — signed at the ART Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills — should be voided because it violated California code and Louisiana law. This is the contract that initially stated that neither party could use the eggs without the consent of the other.

It’s a lot to wrap your head around, and it doesn’t look as though this case is going to get any less complicated in the coming months.

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