Naomi Judd has a really good excuse for avoiding the spotlight

It wasn’t too long ago that Naomi Judd and her daughter Wynonna Judd were gracing our radios as the Grammy award-winning country duo The Judds.

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But in recent years, Naomi Judd has fallen off the radar.

Now, in a new interview with Good Morning America, Judd is finally revealing that her departure from the music biz wasn’t exactly by choice.

“What I’ve been through is extreme. My final diagnosis was severe depression,” Judd told host Robin Roberts.

She continued, “Treatment resistant because they tried me on every single thing they had in their arsenal. It really felt like, if I live through this I want someone to be able to see that they can survive.”

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Judd goes into more detail about her struggles in her new memoir River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged with Hope.

Judd also opened up about her relationship with her daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd.

“Every day I exercised,” Judd said of her path to healing with depression. “I would walk up to Ashley’s house… and I would holler at her from her front step,” she said. “If she was home she’d come out and give me a hug. Ashley and I are so stinking much alike. We have the same mannerisms. We both read a whole lot. We both love new places. There’s such similarities.”

Meanwhile, Naomi and Wynonna are on a “break.”

People reports the two grew apart in 2011 while filming their OWN reality show The Judds.

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But, overall, Judd seems hopeful that their relationship will eventually get back on track, “We’re still a little estranged from each other. And that happens with mother, daughters. If she sees this, and I hope she does, ’cause the smartest thing is for all of us to feel known, no matter what’s goin’ on. Be truthful. I think she’ll say, ‘Good for you, Mom, for finally being willing to talk about the bad stuff.'”

Are you surprised to discover Naomi Judd had such a struggle with depression? Do you think there’s hope for a Naomi and Wynonna reunion?

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