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America got it wrong with this season’s finalists on The Voice

Never take anything for granted on The Voice. When we saw Ali Caldwell kill it during last night’s performance, we naturally assumed that she would score a much-deserved spot in the season finale. Instead, she was sent packing after a very disappointing Instant Save.

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From her Ariana Grande cover at the Blind Auditions to her lovely rendition of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” last night, Caldwell has been slaying all season long. If, somehow, all that wasn’t enough to convince fans that she deserved a spot in the finals, her Instant Save performance should have. Her electrifying rendition of “Sledgehammer” was nothing short of magnificent.

Ali Caldwell
Image: NBC

Caldwell is naturally gifted, of course, but she also knows how to take critiques. As a result, she’s demonstrated consistent improvement this season. An appearance in the finale would have been the perfect way to cap off an amazing few months, but instead, Caldwell must say goodbye to her fans one week too soon.

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Twitter may not have rallied enough in support of Caldwell during the Instant Save portion of tonight’s episode, but they certainly voiced their disappointment after their favorite artist was sent home. A few went so far as to accuse the show of being rigged, but let’s be real — that accusation gets thrown about whenever a popular contestant is sent home.

Another reason to be sad? This is it for Miley Cyrus. Yes, she’s controversial, but she did an excellent job of selecting and coaching a talented team. It wasn’t enough however, and Cyrus’ hopes of emerging from her first season on The Voice with a win have already been dashed.

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We’re still pleased with the lineup for this year’s finale (Billy Gilman, Josh Gallagher, Sundance Head and Wé McDonald) but the final week of the season would have been so much better with Caldwell. We hope that she continues on with her musical career and achieves great things, even without a reality TV victory under her belt. Plenty of artists have gone on to enjoy amazing careers despite not winning, and Caldwell just might be The Voice‘s next big success story.

Do you think Ali Caldwell should have moved on to the finale for The Voice? What do you think of this season’s finalists? Comment and share your opinion below.

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The Voice winners slideshow
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