So you watch RHOA — that doesn’t mean you know Brielle Biermann

If you know anything about the Real Housewives and Bravo universe, then you’ve probably heard the name Brielle Biermann tossed around — and most likely in the context of real and alleged plastic surgery had by her and her mother, RHOA and Don’t Be Tardy‘s Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

But there has to be more to her than that, right? We did a little digging and found that there’s a lot to know about Biermann other than the fact that she’s a reality star’s daughter who may dabble in lip injections.

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1. She’s adored by her adoptive father

The Zolciak-Biermann clan is one big happy family, and Kroy Biermann fell so in love with his then-step-daughters that he decided to take the “step” out of the situation by legally making them his own.

“In order to keep balance you have to have priorities,” Kroy said in an interview with E! News when they asked why he adopted Brielle and her sister. “Before Kim and before the girls and before the boys, I lived a pretty regimented life. I’d wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home… it was pretty normal. Now, my house isn’t going to be as clean as it was before, but it’s not important. Those things are not important and it’s all about prioritizing and understanding.”

2. And she adores him right back

“Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful dad a girl could ever ask for,” Brielle wrote in a caption on Instagram. “Thank you for teaching me things a mom never could. thank you for all the things you do for me and this family but most of all thank you for accepting me and Ariana.. for making us your own. for making us, Biermanns. i love you kroy. hope we made your special day special!!!”

3. She has never dated a certain Chrisley Knows Best star

After her mom posted a cute pic of her acting silly with Chase Chrisley last year, speculation ran wild that Brielle and Chrisley were a hot item — but Chrisley says it’s just not (and never was) true.

“I mean, I wouldn’t say friends. That’s a stretch. She’s an acquaintance,” Chase told The Daily Dish (via Bravo) of Brielle in March. “[I’ve known her] since probably 9th grade. Everyone speculates and writes that she and I are dating — she and I 100 percent are not dating and have not ever dated. Clearing the air right now, that has never happened and will never happen.”

4. But she is happily taken now

Brielle is not shy about sharing her relationship with her boyfriend Michael Kopech, a minor league pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

And can you blame her? He’s pretty hot.

5. You won’t catch her writing nasty comments on anyone’s social media accounts

Brielle may be the victim of constant social media hate, but she’s not one to write mean things in anyone else’s comment section.

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She NEVER looks down on people,” Biermann family friend Chef Tracey Bloom wrote in the comments of one of Brielle’s photos. “She’s an empath and and I’ve been very sad b4 and she’s cried for me… She won’t EVER WRITE A NASTY F***ING COMMENT ON YOUR PAGE.”

Bloom also added that Brielle doesn’t hesitate to empty her bank account to help others in need — she just doesn’t feel the need to advertise her charity on social media.

6. She loves animals

The family adopted a puppy from the Atlanta Humane Society earlier this year, and it’s obvious Brielle quickly fell in love with her.

Around the same time, Brielle also welcomed a baby pig into the brood.

7. She’s a stylish traveler

Image: WENN

No ratty sweats and bedhead on an early morning flight for this glamour girl! Nope, Brielle (like her mama) is always dressed to the nines and primped to the max.

Now, don’t you think it’s time we start talking about Brielle for other reasons than her mom?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

kim zolciak and kroy slideshow
Image: Kim Zolciak/Instagram


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