Married by Mom and Dad parents are asking the right questions

The latest episode of Married by Mom and Dad saw parents grill potential matches with meaningful questions. I think all of us can learn from the parents here: Asking tough questions and looking for strong qualities that are meaningful and not just superficial, like career, readiness for marriage and past relationships.Maybe this is what the singles failed to do in prior relationships.

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For instance, Bethany Layton’s parents met a guy (Billy) and we see them asking him some questions about religion. A second potential guy (Matt) also gets drilled on details, and the parents do become concerned when they hear Matt was engaged before. Topics like this may not come up on a first or second date, but they’re important. I think sometimes parents have a better understanding which questions are necessary where their daughter or son might not be as concerned. They are gathering information.While it might feel like an interview process, the parents are trying to figure out who will be a great match for their daughter and the right questions can be the difference maker.

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Another of the singles has some interesting drama, too. In an odd twist, Devin’s parents seem to choose a woman, Ursula, that Devin says he’d met before the show but doesn’t see himself with. When Devi’s parents tell him they’ve chosen a match, Devin seems optimistic.His parents are surprised when Devin tells them he knows one of the women and that she is not his type.Still, they’re unperturbed and feel that they have made a good choice. We’ll find out if they’ve chosen well next week.

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Let’s find out next week if Devin marries his parent’s choice and the journey will continue for the others.