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Why August’s OUAT return is the best thing to happen to Season 6

First Robin Hood returned in the Once Upon a Time Season 6 winter finale, and now August is also coming back. This series really knows how to please its fans.

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Remember when August (played by Eion Bailey) was turned back into Pinocchio, aka his true identity? It was a sad day when that happened. Come on, you know you were thinking it too. Wouldn’t you rather see Bailey as August rather than a little boy Pinocchio? We certainly would.

Well, that is officially happening when OUAT returns with new episodes in March. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz dished about August’s triumphant comeback. It’s unclear how many episodes August will be a part of (IMDb has him listed for two), but as Kitsis said, “August has returned.” Horowitz added, “We’ll be seeing some Eion Bailey coming up.”

Really, the return of this fan-favorite is the best thing that’s happened to Season 6, and here’s why.

1. He’ll be able to help Emma and Regina

Emma Swan
Image: Tumblr

According to Kitsis and Horowitz, August just might be their saving grace now that they are stuck in the wish realm. “Well, they will be looking wherever they can,” Kitsis said about whether or not Regina and Emma will find help. Horowitz added, “Yeah, I mean, maybe a formerly wooden friend might be useful.” To which Kitsis also said, “Yeah, he helped in Season 1, so if I were Emma, I might go to Pinocchio.” It sure sounds like August may be the one to help Emma and Regina get back to Storybrooke, you know, if Regina will want to go and leave Robin behind.

2. More mystery will be brought to the series

August and Henry
Image: Tumblr

August was always a mysterious character who held many secrets. Knowing him, wish realm August will also probably be filled with mystery. When doesn’t that make OUAT more interesting and captivating? August just has that ability, doesn’t he?

3. Two words: Charm and smile

August Booth
Image: Tumblr

You can’t really go wrong with August’s return. First of all, he has that beautiful, beautiful smile. Then, there is his charm. Seriously, what’s not to love about him?

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4. It means more August and Emma greatness

August and Emma
Image: Tumblr

August and Emma had some of the best scenes together. Before Hook came along and fans were ‘shipping Captain Swan, there was August. He easily could’ve made a perfect partner for Emma, but sadly that never happened. Though, we’ll take what we can get when it comes to August and Emma. You know, even if that only means them as friends helping one another.

5. There just may be some major reveal

Pinocchio and Emma
Image: Tumblr

Seeing as August knew so much about the Enchanted Forest, Storybrooke, its residents and even Emma, there’s a chance he’ll drop some major bombshell during his time in the wish realm. Here’s hoping he does, like maybe a detail about Gideon, aka Rumbelle’s son, aka the man who supposedly kills Emma.

6. He could return for good

Emma and August
Image: Tumblr

Horowitz told EW about the place Regina and Emma are stuck, “It’s the wish realm. It’s the realm that was created by the wish, so it’s an actual place that exists now. The wish has created it, so it’s not an alternate realm in the sense that it’s just imaginary and not real; this place actually now exists and is real.” So, if it’s real, does that mean the people in it are also real? Based on the midseason finale, that didn’t seem to be the case. Let’s say those in the wish realm are real, does that mean August could return for good?

7. The more Eion Bailey, the better

Emma Swan and August Booth
Image: Tumblr

Really, Bailey should just be a part of everything because he’s that fantastic. Thank goodness he is reprising his role as August Booth.

Once Upon a Time returns sometime in March 2017 on ABC.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

OUAT Dark One slideshow
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