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Mariah Carey’s new guy dropped the L-bomb while describing their relationship

Mariah Carey’s relationship with fiancé James Packer didn’t quite work out, but she has no shortage of men who are dying to be with her — one in particular is her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka.

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There’s been much speculation as to what exactly has been happening behind the scenes with Carey and Tanaka, and while there was recently a report about the two of them getting cozy in Hawaii, Tanaka seems to have confirmed all our speculations during a new interview with E! News. And let’s just say, we definitely think there’s more to their relationship than just friendship — or they really want us to believe that.

I’ve always had a thing for Mariah. I love her so much,” Tanaka told the publication at the world premiere for Carey’s reality show Mariah’s World in New York City. “Just make sure you tune into the show and you’ll see kind of how everything happens.”

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Tanaka added that he and Carey have been friends for a long time — he’s danced for her on and off since 2005 — and that he features on her show. We can apparently see him do a “little dance move here and there.”

OK, Tanaka could be exaggerating his feelings of love to get people interested in the show and boost ratings, but given all the reports about his relationship with Carey in recent weeks, the idea of him being in love with her doesn’t seem so far fetched.

Are they just really good friends, or are we going to see Tanaka put the moves on Carey during her show? Of course they’re not going to tell us, and Carey even told E! News that fans will just have to “wait and see.” Which is annoying, but hey, we’ll probably still tune in because our curiosity will get the better of us.

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What do you think: Are Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka playing it up for the cameras or is there more to their relationship?

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