Leonardo DiCaprio is schooling Ivanka Trump in the ways of climate change

Dec 6, 2016 at 12:29 a.m. ET
Image: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com, Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/WENN.com

Leonardo DiCaprio is coming to the environment's rescue by turning to Ivanka Trump — who may one of the only rational minds in the new Donald Trump administration.

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DiCaprio and Ivanka Trump are reportedly acquaintances. They're friends enough — not to mention DiCaprio has enough clout — that she agreed to meet with him to discuss environmental issues. DiCaprio, for his part, has been vocal about climate change issues for years.

During the meeting, DiCaprio even gave her a copy of his climate change documentary Before the Flood, according to The New York Times, who highlighted Ivanka Trump's role in the her father's presidency in an article published on Saturday.

The NYT article suggested that she will be the most powerful first daughter in history. She already seems to have become the voice of reason in the administration and I, personally, would not object to an official nomination for her within the party. I think if anyone can keep Donald Trump in check, she might be the girl to play hardball.

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Plus, she's already taken on platforms for her father's presidency including advocating for women's rights and women in the workplace.

Adding the environment to her list of philanthropic efforts just makes Ivanka Trump all the more likable.

Writes the NYT, "For a long time, Ms. Trump’s popularity owed (at least in part) to her ability to smooth out her father’s rough edges.

"Where Donald Trump was brusque, Ms. Trump was tactful. Where Mr. Trump came off self-centered and easily distracted, she was self-effacing and sharply focused, traits she displayed from her earliest days growing up on the Upper East Side."

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As someone who is skeptical of the Donald Trump presidency, knowing that a woman like Ivanka Trump is in my corner somehow makes me feel a whole lot better.

Do you think Ivanka Trump should have an official position in her father's administration?

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